DAY 37: Second Day in Rome

Took it easy today. The headaches hadn’t fully subsided yet. I needed to allow myself proper time to settle. Get accustomed to the heat wave. I didn’t leave the apartment until about 5PM. I didn’t want the day to go entirely to waste. My objectives this trip: familiarize myself with the public transportation, retrieve meds for any future headaches and buy a map.

My stop was at the end of the line so I had the luxury of obtaining a seat before the party arrived. By the time our train made it to the main terminal station in the middle of Rome, it was shoulder-to-shoulder. That train was packed to the brim. Bought a map and meds not far from the terminal. Then, I wandered. Not too far from the station. The humidity here was miserable. Florida-level miserable. Pizza restaurants everywhere. Even if the restaurant was designated as a Kebab shop, they were selling pizza.

Like I said, I didn’t venture far or for too long so I didn’t have a finger on the city yet. I was still missing Prague, honestly. But I will say this for Rome thus far... the women are… well, you know, they’re splendid.

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