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DAY 35: Sixth Day in Prague

Laundry day. With emphasis on the word “day”. Started the load at 4AM; The clothes were 90% dry by 11AM the day I had to leave. I was grounded at the apartment by necessity. The extent of my wardrobe consisted of board shorts and a damp hoodie. The trip to the mini-mart was a cold one. Attempted to make the most of it. Took a hot bath and put on Netflix. I was perfectly relaxed until a giant fucking beetle flew into my line of sight during the movie. The next 10 minutes of that wonderful bath consisted of my bare ass flailing a towel around trying to kill the bastard. There was no AC in the apartment so the windows were frequently open. I’d wager I had to catch and release about nine moths throughout the week during my stay in Prague.

The giant beetle incident wasn’t the first time this had happened during the trip. In Amsterdam, I was comfortably lying in bed and I had the door cracked open for the cool breeze outside. I was zoned out reading Reddit when a 3 or 4-inch mosquito planted itself on my laptop keyboard. Took me a couple seconds to comprehend what was sitting in front of me before I shot up out of bed. Laptop nearly plummeted to the floor but I tightened my grip enough to save it. Unfortunately, that grip squeezed the screen hard enough to crack it. Goddamn bugs!

Preparing for the next destination… I won’t be so lucky with finding english speakers there.

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