DAY 19: Last Day in Bruges... But Seriously.

Spent the day planning and booking reservations. I won’t say where I’m going until I’m there, which is fitting since I mentioned Paris in a previous post but I’ve opted to forego France altogether. Too much of a detour and I don’t feel it’s worth the time. Not this trip anyway.

I know where my next 4 locations will be. Excited. Walked to the movies without looking at showtimes. Was hoping to catch a showing of "Inside Out". I’ve heard good things. A supposed return-to-form for Pixar. However, when I arrived, it wasn’t scheduled to start for another two and a half hours; Fail. Only Entourage was up next and I had no desire to watch a misogynistic romanticized version of the state I just ran away from. Seems like a miserable film; This coming from someone who liked the show (up to season 5; By the time it gets to 8, it’s unbearable).

I’m more than ready to leave Bruges. This will be my longest stay in any city. Everywhere else will be 3 to 4 nights, tops. Halfway through the trip but I assure you, July is going to be a busy month...

Missing my pup and family. But so much more to experience. Always more room to grow.


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