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DAY 15: Fifth Day in Bruges

Perhaps the isolation is taking it’s toll; Unmotivated. I have so many other places to discover but today, I don’t know. Walked through an old cemetery this morning, amongst the tombstones. Degraded stone carvings of Jesus Christ on every single one. Photographs, mostly old and monochromatic, of people who’ve passed, watching my every movement. My chest feels tighter here. More isolated walking amongst those who aren’t with us anymore.


"Terminator: Genisys" premiered in Belgium today, a couple days earlier than in America. Saw it at a movie theatre called Kinepolis. This theater chain had a unique characteristic about it: they stop whatever movie you're watching midway through for a 10-minute intermission, whether its a 90-minutes runtime or 240. Doesn't matter what moment or scene you're in, it cuts to black and the lights come up instantly. So jarring.

"Genisys" was a horrid movie. Derivative. Bland. Soulless. Made solely for the purpose of generating large amounts of revenue. Wasn’t much fun to be had outside of seeing Arnold in the title role again. I wanted to get out of my head though. Movies are my lifeline for that purpose, so it succeeded on that level, I suppose.

Thinking about why I felt compelled to embark on this trip. Why now. Think it was a mixture of reasons. At some point in your life, you start thinking. Hard. About how to use the little time you have on this planet. About who or what is worth surrendering that time and effort to. I’ve detached from everyone, really. Maybe that’s why I’m here, to disconnect so I can re-connect.

Tomorrow will be different. Less depressing. No reason not to be happy in the position I’m in. Very lucky to be able to travel like I am. I do keep reminding myself how fortunate I am throughout the trip but today that thought occurred to me less than before.

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