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DAY 14: Fourth Day in Bruges


Laundry day. That’s about as extensive as my plans for sightseeing get. Wanted to relax after Antwerp. Fell asleep in the late afternoon and woke up around 9. Bored and restless by midnight. Left the house and wandered into Bruges. Experience what the nightlife had to offer. See the buildings lit up.

Bars are open. Some more crowded than others. I’m always uncomfortable under these circumstances. Always have been. Roamed around Belfort Tower. Aimless. All the surrounding historical architecture was up-lit by orange sodium vapor street lights. I wonder if they’ll transition into energy-efficient LEDs like California. I hope not. I miss these sodium vapors back home. The sodium vapors give the city more character and LEDs, while obviously more energy-efficient, lack character; They're sterile. Hope they never transition in Bruges-- what we gain in longevity, we lose in soul, I think.

Not much to say tonight. I didn’t stay long. Walked back to the place I’m staying shortly after. Like treading through a ghost town past 1am here. Not a soul in sight. Just me.

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